P.S. 116 has several measures put into place to protect all students, faculty, and staff. We respectfully request that all parents/guardians set an example for our students.


All visitors (a parent is a visitor) are subject to the safety and security procedures of the school, as set forth by the NYC Department of Education and NYPD:

  • All visitors (a parent is a visitor) must enter and exit through designated entrances at all times;

  • All visitors (a parent is a visitor) must provide a valid photo ID, sign in at the security desk, and wear a visitor’s badge;

  • Parents/Guardians are only allowed to go to the classroom during the school day if there is a specific class event scheduled (for example: Families as Buddies, a class celebration, or Open School Day);

  • Parents/Guardians must sign out any child who is leaving school early;

  • Students being picked up early will be brought down by a staff member to the parent (no early pick-ups b/t 2:00-2:40pm);

Failure to comply with the above safety and security procedures will result in the visitor being escorted off school premises by School Safety.

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