Terri Pennacchia / Chriscelyn Tussey


Kristin Angelino / Michelle Rosolinsky

Co-Financial Secretaries

Dianne Fairweather / Heather Turk

Co-Corresponding Secretaries

Mauro Pennacchio / Meera Wagman

Co-Recording Secretaries

Susan Antino / Erica Kerstein

Co-VPs Membership/Hospitality

Lauren Medeck / Shelby Rootenberg

Co-VPs Internal Fundraising

Nicole Giacco / Stacy Gutterman

Co-VPs of Special Events

Becky Austin / Debbie Camilleri / Jim Tussey 

Co-VPs of Education, Recreation, & Welfare

Lama Alassas / Alba Cardenas / Ginny Rivera


VP Gardens 

Chris Megale

Co-VP's of Community Building Events

Kathryn Hood-Moore / Sue Senyigit / Karyn Thompson


Co-VPs of External Fundraising

Rebecca Kaplan / Anna Pine / Sarenne Sutton

Parent at Large (K)

Rena Rifkin

Parents at Large (1st-5th)

Anu Senan / Falu Shah


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