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At P.S. 116, we believe students learn best in a safe, supportive, compassionate community, where they are cared for physically, socially, and emotionally. Our mission is to affirm each child's identity while helping them to develop a strong sense of ethics, belief in themselves, and deep appreciation for the same in others. We believe in recognizing, valuing, and celebrating the whole child, and in empowering children to advocate for themselves.


P.S. 116 holds high academic expectations for all students. We believe deeply that learning for children and adults is continual and rooted in collaboration, discourse, exploration, inquiry, reflection, play, and a sense of joy. Our families and the greater community are essential as our partners in learning, and we strive to deepen those relationships.


P.S. 116 fully recognizes that systemic barriers, as well as our own internal implicit biases, exist and continue to advance the dominant culture at the expense, exclusion, and oppression of racial and cultural groups that have been historically marginalized. We are fiercely committed to continual work, reflection, and improvement in creating an anti-racist, anti-discriminatory, and equitable community.


As students leave P.S. 116, it is our sincerest hope that they go forth as independent critical thinkers, learners, active allies, and co-conspirators — ones who courageously take action to stand up for what is just.

P.S. 116 believes in humanity, truth, and justice.
When you step into our community, you are expected to uphold our values of inclusion, see the goodness in others, and treat every fellow human being with compassion, dignity, and respect.

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