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P.S. 116 recognizes that many parents/guardians want to ensure they are able to reach their children on their way to and from school. At the same time, cell phones, smart watches, and other electronic devices have created a tremendous set of unnecessary challenges and disruptions to daily school life including but not limited to:

  • text messaging and using social media

  • taking pictures or video with/without consent

  • accessing mature internet content

In response to the needs and challenges above, please see our "Away for the Day" cell phone/electronics policy below:

P.S. 116 students are allowed to bring to school, at the discretion of their parents/guardians, the following items:

  • cell phones

  • smart watches

  • computing devices (laptops, Chromebooks, iPads)

  • portable music players (ipods, MP3’s, etc.)



  • Devices may only be used while off school premises (aside from computing devices used in class). If any device is visible or audible on school grounds (including the school yard) during the school day, on a school-sanctioned field trip, or during an on-site after-school program, a staff member will take possession of the device. The device will then be logged and secured in the Main Office, and only a parent or legal guardian will be permitted to pick it up. 

  • Once on school grounds (including the school yard), all devices (except computing devices used in class) must remain in the “off” position and kept secured in the student’s backpack. 


Please be advised: P.S. 116 cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage
to any electronic devices brought to P.S. 116.


Students who use cell phones, computing devices, and/or portable music and entertainment systems in violation of any provision of the Discipline Code, the school’s policy, Chancellor’s Regulation A-413, and/or the DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code.  

Families should be aware that if the violation involves other children who attend any New York City public school, children can be held responsible even if the violation occurs using a device off school premises and outside of the school day.

Note: This policy has been in place since 2015 and was created with unanimous consent by the  P.S. 116 School Leadership Team.


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